Through the power of inclusion and motivation, Special Lift has created continuing opportunities for Bay Area youth and those with intellectual disabilities to develop their physical fitness and overall personal wellness in many ways. Since 2010, Special Lift has offered personalized exercise programs and activities designed to be safe and meet the individual “special needs” of our members. In addition to our diverse fitness programs, Special Lift provides education on proper nutrition and eating habits as well as year-round donations of organic fruits and vegetables.

Our organization currently serves over 50 members on a weekly basis. Even though our primary focus is creating an environment filled with friends, fresh foods, and exercise, Special Lift programs also regularly incorporate music, art, and dance. We have found that many of our members have a deeply held passion for these types of activities and, by including them in our services, we are able to further enrich the lives of our members.

Special Lift also works with local youth and young adults to provide the hands on training necessary for them to understand proper exercise and fitness fundamentals. In doing so, we hope to increase their knowledge of overall health and wellness, and allow them to better care for themselves. Some members have even turned the experience gained from Special Lift into successful work in the fitness industry.

Using the transformative power of improving health, instilling confidence, and creating a more connected community, are all at the core of what we do.

Building Champions

At Special Lift, our inclusive fitness community brings to light the talents, abilities, and untapped potential of our members, while also providing an opportunity for these members to be involved in their community.

Since becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2015, Special Lift’s focus has been expanding upon our program offerings while also improving the facilities for our members. This year, our goal is to grow as an organization and extend our reach to create even more opportunities of inclusion for the underserved members of our community.

Without a doubt, your support empowers lives! Please consider donating to Special Lift to help us continue in our mission to break social barriers and build champions!


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