Special Lift Fitness

Special Lift fitness programs are designed to be inclusive, safe, and personalized to meet the individual “special needs” of our members. Even though our primary focus is creating an environment filled with friends, fresh foods, and exercise, Special Lift programs also regularly incorporate music, art, and dance. We have found that many of our members have a deeply held passion for these types of activities; and, by including them in our services, we are able to further enrich the lives of our members. Special Lift also works with local youth and young adults to provide the hands on training necessary for them to understand proper exercise and fitness fundamentals. In doing so, we hope to increase their knowledge of overall health and wellness, and allow them to better care for themselves. Some members have even turned the experience gained from Special Lift into successful work in the fitness industry.


Health and welLness education

Every week Special Lift implements simple teaching tools and activities focused on educating our members about proper nutrition and eating habits. Special Lift also provides organic fruits and vegetables to our members every week.